Alice in Wonderland opening credit artwork.


The show I’m watching next year:

Black Sails, season II


"How does it affect you as an actor knowing that you’ve been working with this guy [Mark Ryan] forever and ever and now you know ‘oh, you’re not going to be here anymore, oh and I’m the guy who does it’?"

"He was so annoying, I was so glad to break his neck. ‘Please, when is the day I kill you?’ "

period drama + goodbyes
(suggested by pineswereroaring)

6/10 favorite quotes - Big damn heroes, sir.

Emily Blunt and Cate Blanchett, photographed by Peter Lindbergh for IWC Schaffhausen, 2014.

"I just wear jeans, big motorcycle boots and T-shirts that are way too big for me. I like anything that has lived a little bit, that has traces of life on it. Knitwear that’s a tiny bit too long because you’ve pulled it with your hands, or jeans that are starting to get holes.”


Robert Plant’s best moments

….I adore this man

Three times Holy water had no effect on Dean and the one time it really did